What type of paint suppliers do you use?

We use only the highest quality Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams, and Kelly Moore products, unless specified.

What kind of safety measures do you implement when working in high areas?

We are very strict about using proper safety equipment when working in conditions of 30ft and higher. Safety harnesses, lifelines, safety brackets property installed, and training on-site, are a few of the measures we take.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured with Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation.

Do you perform commercial projects?

We do all types of commercial business projects from small to medium size buildings and structures.

Are you familiar with specialty products like epoxies, urethane, lacquers, or oil-based products?

We use a wide variety of products available, including floor epoxy, varnish, lacquers, two-part urethane, industrial metal paint, and multiple types of hybrid paints.

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